An Attractive Washroom for your Restaurant

The majority of the restaurant owners get so occupied in deciding the perfect theme, decor, menu, and staffing for their place that they forget to consider the bathroom design, only to realize later that something is amiss. While the bathroom is never the reason that customers visit the restaurant, it can definitely be the reason they never visit your restaurant again. A dirty and unclean bathroom always leaves a negative impression on the customers visiting the restaurant and can affect business sales as well. This is why renowned hotels and restaurants always focus on creating a high-quality appealing bathroom and devote more of their time designing a bathroom that matches the theme of the restaurant.

Let us look at the best ways to design an attractive bathroom for your Restaurant –

Play with Light –

If you want to reflect a big bathroom area, go with bright colors rather than opt for darker shades. Use soft-light bulbs and metallic fixtures that will reflect some shade and play off the light. Using brighter lights can create the illusion of a larger space and can help you make your small bathroom look big.

Opt for the Right Flooring –

Better flooring is considered as one of the major elements that do not only create a better space but also make the area look attractive and appealing. So, always choose the best floor tiles with a metallic or shiny look depending on the theme you want to create. For a rustic touch, go with anti-skid metallic touch tiles, and for a shiny look, choose reflecting floor tiles. As these tiles are easy to clean and maintain, you need not put more effort to keep the bathroom sparkling clean.

Pick the Fixtures Smartly –

Imagine yourself in a messy small bathroom where there are puddles or drops of water on the countertop, wet taps, and used tissues spread on the floor. Will you ever step into such a bathroom again? Never! This is why, focus more on opting for the right bathroom CP fittings such as sensor faucets, lighting, dispensers, etc. for your restaurant so that you can offer a better customer experience.

Match the Bathroom Design with Restaurant’s Theme –

Always try to keep a matching theme for both the restaurant and bathroom. Suppose if your dining is painted in warm and inviting hues, then suddenly entering into a bright white bathroom can be off-putting for the customers. So, always make sure the bathroom should complement the rest of your decor to offer a better experience at your place.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall –

People generally look for a place with huge mirrors to capture pictures for their social profiles. Women generally visit the bathroom for a quick touch-up and big mirrors are actually their best friend to take stylish mirror selfies. So, you can use this idea as the plus point to drive in more customers. Just install large mirrors into your restaurant’s bathroom as it makes the space look much bigger than it is.

A restaurant’s bathroom can either make or break a customer’s experience and every owner should know this. But with these aforementioned ways in mind, one can easily develop a bathroom that catches the visitor’s attention at the first glance. To add on, much better experience to your bathroom, Somany Ceramics brings you high-quality CP fittings, durable flooring tiles, and sanitary ware items for you.

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